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How Wellbeing has a Spectrum

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

For most of us, the answer is NO…. and what’s important to remember is that good mental wellbeing is NOT the absence of negative thoughts and feelings

I’m sure you’ve faced difficult and challenging situations – just like I have – and that causes you to feel a range of emotions – angry, sad, overwhelmed and everything in-between

Good Wellbeing is about being able to understand and manage these feelings. so that generally you’re able to:

feel confident in yourself

build and maintain positive relationships

have a sense of purpose

live and work productively

manage when things change

cope with the normal stresses of day-to-day life

When it comes to wellbeing there is a SPECTRUM that ranges from CRISIS to STRUGGLING to SURVIVING to THRIVING to EXCELLING and there are different emotions connected to each stage.

On any given day you could go through a mix of these states.

The problem arises when you have prolonged periods in Struggling and Crisis….. And even prolonged period of Surviving is a sign that you are heading towards burnout and need to make some changes in your life.

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