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Who is Gret | Founder of Conscious Working

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

We have decades of experience in corporate life – Gret as Vice President for a fashion conglomerate and Tom as former BBC, then Partner at an international communications firm.

We have been on the forefront of success, & burnout, dealing with all the pressures that come with running departments and budgets as well as managing and developing teams to their best potential.

Working conditions have been turned on their head and a hybrid world is placing new demands on employees and employers alike.

Yet challenges can be opportunities as new techniques and fresh engagement can empower people to feel, think and perform better despite disruptions.

Wellbeing is no longer a bolt on - it's not a duty of care, but a culture of care. It's a strategy that feeds the evolution and performance of any business when the right measures are implemented and embraced by all.

Gret Batchelar | Founder | Managing Partner & CEO

Gret understands the pressures of business leaders in the c-suite because she was one, running a $400m budget across Europe in her last VP role in fashion. Stress and burnout changed everything.

In response, she focused on her holistic wellbeing, developed her own wellbeing rituals and practices, changing how she thought, felt, and noting what had to happen next – taking that offer to others.

Her executive experience has provided unique insights around how to help leaders find new purpose, resolve and resilience, using simple tools that embed a mindful, more present approach to leading, connection and fulfillment.

Inspired by a blend of ancient and modern ideas and evidenced based processes, Gret founded and grew Conscious Working with strategic tools that shape new behaviours for leaders and senior teams, changing perspectives, potential and performance for individuals, team and companies.

She continues to expand her knowledge and is a certified Low Tox Coach, 325 RYT Yoga Instructor in power, Yin and Kula Flow, Meditation Facilitator and Mindfulness Teacher.

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