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We Embed Wellbeing Tools In Your Workplace

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

In today's workplace, many suffer from stress, burnout, and lack their full potential.

We offer a strategic tool, embedded with well being practices, empowering corporate leaders to create change in their work culture. As a result, we make a happier, more sustainable business environment, in turn delivering results. Well-being is no longer a bolt-on - it's not a duty of care, but a culture of care. It's a strategy that feeds the evolution and performance of any business when the right measures are implemented and embraced by all. Conscious Working is a London-based, founder-led empowerment company, run by myself (Gret) and Tom. Collectively, we have decades of experience in corporate life and have been at the forefront of success, and burnout, dealing with all the pressures that come with managing and developing teams to their best potential. We work with business leaders all around the globe, deploying conscious behaviours, driving change, and cascading wellbeing throughout their organisations. Consciously changing one company at a time.

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