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Defining Wellbeing for Business with Jeff Krasno

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Few people have made a more significant impact in bringing the idea of wellbeing to the masses than Jeff Krasno. Having run Wanderlust since 2008, which now boasts over 60 global wellness events annually, he is perhaps better known as the Founder and CEO of Commune Media.

It was in a tiny box of a yoga studio near the World Trade Centre that he saw — after 9/11 — the power of healing as practice with his then-girlfriend, now wife, Schuyler. And so, the seed was sown.

Today, Commune - described as "the Masterclass of Wellness" - provides courses from some of the world's leading wellbeing experts covering self-care, healthcare, addictions, and spirituality from big names such as Deepak Chopra, Matthew McConaughey, Wim Hof, and Russell Brand. In this interview, Jeff defines his views on personal wellbeing – movement, reflection, nutrition, community, and creativity and explains why we must all invest more in ourselves.

He also argues that businesses need a wellbeing definition mapping trust, leadership, and team self-care, and makes a strong case for greater societal wellbeing, roadmap included. Find out why Commune’s community has grown from grass roots to over 2 million people with a mission to reach a billion, changing the fabric of society for the better.

As a weekly podcaster with a million subscribers, Jeff shares his views on Pandemic fall out, how being more engaged, kinder, and “listening to hear each other” could make a seismic difference as the world goes back to work. From there, collaboration and creativity can flourish.

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