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5 Reasons To Do Yoga If You Have A Desk Job

Getting Started 

1. IT CAN REDUCE BACK PAIN Back pain is the single leading cause of disability that prevents many people from engaging in work as well as other everyday activities throughout the world, and chronic back pain is a common complaint among office workers. Remaining in the same position over a prolonged period results in shortened hip flexors and tight hamstrings that can affect the position of your pelvis. 2. AND REDUCE STRESS Long hours and the sedentary nature of modern office jobs not only affect physical wellbeing negatively, but also cause chronic stress for many employees. Under stress, our bodies go through a series of biochemical and involuntary hormonal changes. The sympathetic nervous system (the fight-or-flight response) sends messages to muscles, organs and glands that help the body to react, and this automatic stress response puts our bodies in alarm mode. 3. YOGA MAY HELP PREVENT DISEASE Yoga is also a great tool for the prevention of disease and injuries. There is a growing body of research to support the efficacy of yoga programs on preventing diseases. Increasing muscle flexibility and blood volume through the heart, reducing blood pressure, achieving a balance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems, and promoting effective breathing are a few ways yoga may assist in the prevention of disease. 4. AND REGULATE HORMONES Constant stress can also lead to serious changes in hormonal systems that are involved in the management of reproduction, metabolism, and immunity. In addition, long-term stress results in dysfunction of the hormonal regulators and hormonal imbalance that cause serious diseases such as diabetes, or thyroid problems. 5. YOGA IMPROVES THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM While spending most of your time at a desk affects your general health negatively, the digestive system. Furthermore, with 60% percent of the immune system located in our intestinal tract, if the digestive system is out of balance, the immune system will not be functioning at its best. Different pranayama practices and yoga asanas have a huge impact on our digestive system and, therefore, our immunity.

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