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Renew Yourself.

Find and renew your purpose at one of our Conscious RETREATS.

Retreat to advance

Find clarity for purpose

Find what matters most...

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Conscious Retreats

Nestled in tranquil settings around the world, Conscious Retreats offer the chance for you to stir up your sense of purpose, uncover what matters the most and mingle with a likeminded tribe. Led by wellbeing expert Gret Batchelar, these three/four-day retreats gather twenty carefully chosen people at a time, occurring numerous times a year in Portugal, Spain and the UK. By casting off your restricting boundaries, you will reach a higher state of consciousness, and be able to put your newfound strength into practice.

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Lisbon, Sintra, Portugal

Conscious Retreat Xintara 

02 - 06 May 2024

Explore your power and embrace the subtle pause with our Conscious Leader Gret and experts, hosting unique experiences at our Conscious Retreats, all around Europe, UK and USA. 

Please take note of our Refund policy before making your booking. Click here.

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