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07 - 08 September 2024

The Windmill, Santa Cruz

Energizing and fun-filled weekend getaway

Join us for an energizing and fun-filled weekend getaway in stunning Santa Cruz!  What better way to jump back into your groove than with a bunch of amazing yogis, who are all about their own wellness and cheering each other on? 


Our thoughtfully crafted program is designed to help you refresh and realign through yoga and meditation practices, while soaking up the beauty of nature and enjoying the company of a fantastic community.

Gift yourself a Getaway

You asked, we answered. Conscious Retreats is now offering Getaways—1-2 day wellbeing trips packed with holistic practices in beautiful settings across Portugal. Led by wellbeing expert Gret Batchelar, these immersive experiences gather up to twenty individuals to learn, practice, and grow together in community. For this special journey, Gret is joined by co-host Patricia Brennan, our community member and owner of the incredible venue, the Windmill.


This getaway allows you to press pause on your everyday life, check in with yourself, and make the necessary adjustments to return to your center.


Return to Routine in Style

With the ‘back to school’ vibe in the air, it is  the perfect time to reconnect with your essence, rediscover your purpose and transform routine into ritual. 

Join us for an invigorating and fun-filled 2-day, 1-night getaway in Santa Cruz, just an hour from Cascais and central Lisbon. Our carefully designed program will help you rejuvenate and realign through yoga and meditation practices, time spent in nature and with community.

Embark on this journey with us and find joy in your daily routines, embracing a renewed sense of purpose and well-being.

This is for you if you…

  • Prefer a shorter weekend getaway

  • Crave time for wellbeing, community, and FUN

  • Desire to find joy and rituals in your routine

  • Yearn to get back to your center

Retreat Highlights

  • Yoga and Meditation Practices: Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself.

  • Nature Hikes and Walks: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature

  • Cold Water Therapy: Refresh and invigorate your body and mind.

  • Nutritious Food: Enjoy wholesome, delicious meals.

  • Informational Workshops: Gain insights to develop sustainable routines and practices.

Client Experiences

at one of our retreats

Your Getaway Program

  • Welcome Tea and Snacks: Enjoy a nourishing start to your getaway

  • Morning Dynamic Yoga Sessions: Engage in two powerful yoga sessions.

  • Brunch: Savor delicious and healthy meals at the Windmill.

  • Wellbeing Discussions: Enhance your knowledge on specific health topics and holistic wellbeing practices. 

  • Nature Experiences: Immerse yourself in the beauty and healing properties of nature.

  • Evening Chill Yoga: Unwind with a relaxing yoga practice.

  • Dinner: Delight in a wholesome dinner at a local restaurant. 

  • Cacao Ceremony: Experience a special ceremony with community.

Gift yourself this unique opportunity to reconnect with community, tap back into authentic self and find joy in your wellbeing practices at The Windmill in Santa Cruz. 

What's Included

  • All on-site food and drink

  • Group dinner at a local venue 

  • Three yoga practices

  • Guided hikes

  • Comprehensive workshop and talks

  • A closing Cacao Ceremony 

Additional Information

Lodging: this getaway does not include rooms.  We recommend The Well Hotel & Spa or Hotel Promar

Please note that no activities are organised for Friday 6th September, but if you wish to arrive the night before and take advantage of the hotel spa (both hotels have one) please do so !  

Meals: please inform us of any allergies or special dietary requirements.

Please note the following is NOT included: Flights and/or ground transport to Lisbon are not included in the cost. 

Please take note of our Refund policy before making your booking. Click here.

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Back to Soul Getaway
07 Sept 2024, 16:00 WEST
Nestled in tranquil settings around the world, Conscious Retreats offer the chance for you to stir up your sense of purpose, uncover what matters the most and mingle with a like-minded tribe.
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Please take note of our Refund policy before making your booking. Click here.

Book Now - in €

Please take note of our Refund policy before making your booking. Click here.

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